The perfect way to avoid gurgle-free breathing when swimming on the surface.

The ideal snorkel is always within easy reach and ready to supply lots of dry airflow when it’s time to do some surface swimming. When not needed, it simply stays out of the way.

Designed to be the perfect companion to SCUBAPRO’s Spectra mask, the SPECTRA DRY‘s large-bore upper tube allows plenty of airflow, and its dry top keeps splashing surface water from entering the airway. The lower corrugated portion of the tube is flexible so when you switch to your regulator the mouthpiece hangs down and out of the way.

An efficient purge valve positioned at the lowest point of the snorkel expels any water that might make its way into the airway, preventing that annoying gurgling sensation you get when breathing off a “wet” snorkel. The regulator-style mouthpiece fits securely between the teeth, ensuring a comfortable fit no matter how long the surface swim.

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