With more than 17 Years of essential experience and with a vital amount of knowledge in the field of scuba diving industry, Mr. Issa Maiah, a Jordanian national established company named Scuba Marine Marine Equipment in Abu Dhabi. Through his unceasing hard work and wide-ranging experience in this industry Mr. Issa, now the Managing Director of Scuba Marine Marine Equipment was able to add a professional basement for this company which finally after much attentive planning and organizing, opened in the April 2014 as Scuba Marine Marine Equipment.

Our company Scuba Marine Marine Equipment has accomplished in establishing itself strongly across the UAE by providing top-notch marine equipment and a reliable service to our valued customers. Also we as a diving equipment providing company market a wide range of marine products which content our customers.

This has been achieved by us, through understanding the growth and the essential needs of the marketplace, and by continuously striving to provide the best quality of our products and services which would give our clients complete customer satisfaction.

We as the Scubapro agents and also as the frontline dealers of several other renowned international brands, initially focus on identifying the requirements of the current diving market and then confidently move on to launching reliable marketing products and services which would 100% satisfy the present market requirements. We also provide after sale product support, spare parts and many other various forms of services to our customers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build a long term relationships with our existing customers and clients and also to attract new ones by providing exceptional customer service. We also want to continue doing business through innovations and advanced technology.

Our Vision

Our company envisions itself to become a leading diving equipment provider to the whole of UAE. We also aim to expand our products and service range to our existing and potential clients by setting up stores in the major cities in UAE.

Our Core Values

We believe in treating our customers with respect and assurance. We also strongly believe that our company’s growth exclusively relies on innovation, invention and hard work. We also genuinely try our best to integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functions.