The Euro so accurate, all you have to do is point, pull the trigger, and collect your catch.  We’ve found the perfect mix of power, weight, and balance topped off by our legendary three-piece M8 trigger mechanism and ergonomically designed polymer handle.   All Euro models feature 9/32″ heat treated stainless steel shafts, integrated muzzle and replaceable wishbones. 90cm features 2 5/8″ powerbands, 110cm and 120cm feature 11/16″ oversized powerbands. Hydrodynamic angled chamfer on barrel ensures affortless gun movement while still providing enough mass to tame recoil.

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  • Integrated Muzzle, Line Wrap and line anchor for accuracy and streamlined efficiency.
  • Fully chamfered barrel for improved sweeping and tracking.
  • Oversized bands with replaceable wishbones for maximum longevity.
Part No. Model Length Shaft Band Stretch Point Reach Flotation
6W120E EURO 120CM 54" 757 -SBE (2) 130K 45" POINT & FLOPPER 28' YES
6W110E EURO 110CM 48" 750 -SBE (2) 126 39" POINT & FLOPPER 25' YES
6W90E EURO 90CM 40" 744 - SBE (2) 320K 30" POINT & FLOPPER 20' YES