ESCLAPEZ EXIUM G2 75/90/100/110/120/130

Double girder aluminum tubular structure (patented system) ovoid section combines hydrodynamics to exceptional lateral rigidity for greater accuracy and offering a very high resistance to bending;Ergonomic handle designed with a perfect angle of inclination between the butt and the axis of crossbow; handle and charging cradle molded thermoplastic elastomer TPE slip and very soft for a better grip, interchangeable elements in 4 colors for customization and fast tracking his crossbow hunting group; Adjusting the sensitivity of the relaxation and safety integrated in one single joystick left and right; multi-function Head G2 (patented system);removable Potent, full arrow Guide.

ESCLAPEZ EXIUM G2 75 :  1,145.00  AED

ESCLAPEZ EXIUM G2 90 : 1,175.00 AED

ESCLAPEZ EXIUM G2 100 : 1,210.00 AED

ESCLAPEZ EXIUM G2 110 : 1,295.00 AED   

ESCLAPEZ EXIUM G2 120 : 1,335.00 AED

ESCLAPEZ EXIUM G2 130 : 1,370.00 AED

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  • Epsealon Exium G2 SpeargunEsclapez Exium G2 SpeargunThe Esclapez Exium G2 Speargun takes the characteristics of the first version, yet improves and modifies certain aspects.The Esclapez Exium G2 Speargun has a bi-tubing structure that minimizes lateral resistances and has excellent rigidity.
  • The Esclapez Exium G2 Speargun is mounted with a non-slip, ergonomic handle on which you have the possibility of attaching a colour handle in order to easily make yourself more noticeable (sold separately).
  • On the Esclapez Exium G2 Speargun, you have the possibility of adjusting the balance thanks to two adjustable floats along the length of the barrel (and positioned on the interior of it).
  •  The Esclapez Exium G2 Speargun has a new muzzle to attach two bungee bands. This muzzle has a removable bridge that allows you to choose between an open or closed muzzle as well as a clever grommet.The Esclapez Exium G2 Speargun is equipped with a notched 6.5 mm shaft and a circular 18.5 mm band.